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What's the Best Superhero Movie Made So Far?

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About geek.shriek

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What is geek.shriek? Good question. We'll likely find out together. What I intend for it to be is just a depository for my daily musing regarding movies, video games, toys, books, comics, or whatever nerdy thing I come across during the day.

See, I read waaaay too much news everyday and I have opinions on everything I read. Agree or disagree but stick with me and you'll definitely get an earful. I'll try to provide relevant links and photos when necessary. Bear in mind, this is not intended to be a news site. Getting your news from this blog would be a little like getting your news from The Daily Show (although I hesitate to compare myself with the genius of Jon Stewart). I'm not here to report the news; I'm just here to rant and/or rave about it.

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