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"Lost" Recap: "Happily Ever After"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - - 1 Comments


More questions and no answers but still one the series' best episodes.








It's weird how last week's episode provided no answers whatsoever and was absolutely terrible yet this week's episode also delivers no answers and manages to be one of the series' best.  Desmond is back, brought to the island by Charles Widmore after being shot by Ben.  Widmore subjects Desmond to a huge electromagnetic shock to see if he can survive a second time.  In the Sideverse, Desmond works for Widmore, has no idea who Penny is, and is tasked with delivering one Charlie Pace to a concert with Widmore's son, Daniel.

Charlie tells Desmond how his life changed when he suddenly fell in love with a mysterious blonde woman while choking on a bag of heroin and now wants to die.  When he yanks the steering wheel and drives the car into the water, the scene bears an uncanny resemblance to Charlie's drowning death in the Lostverse.  So much so that Desmond actually starts to see flashes from the Lostverse, including Charlie's hand with the words "Not Penny's Boat" written on it.  Widmore is married to Eloise Hawking in the Sideverse and when Desmond meets her in person to apologize for not delivering Charlie to the concert, she tells him, "Someone has affected the way you see things," says it's a "violation" and, "You're not ready yet, Desmond."

As he leaves, he is met by Daniel Farraday (known as Daniel Widmore in the Sideverse) who talks to him about true love, shows him a notebook with advanced equations that Daniel shouldn't have known how to write, and tells him where to find Penny.  Back in the Lostverse, Desmond is awakened after the experiment and is suddenly eager to help Widmore.  Sayid shows up, though, and takes out all of Widmore's crew.  Desmond leaves with Sayid.

Finally, back in the Sideverse, Desmond does meet Penny and they make plans for an informal date.  Desmond then makes arrangements to have the flight manifest from Oceanic 815 delivered to him.  Why?  Because he has wants "to show them something".

Damn, what a good episode!  Like I said, no real answers but the questions are becoming more intriguing.  It seems this Sideverse may have a purpose after all.  I was beginning to suspect it was just a filler device by the writers but it seems this alternate reality does exist and it may be of significance to the Lostverse.  I still want to know what the hell Widmore wants with Jin and why he suddenly seems to be a good guy but with only a handful of episodes left, for once I know those answers are coming.

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Joel Getter said...

Total agree with you on this recap Barry. Definitely one of the best episodes this season. I am getting nervous about questions getting answered with so few eps left.