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"Stargate Universe" Recap: "Space"

Friday, April 2, 2010 - - 0 Comments


The Destiny crew finally meets an alien race and the result is the best episode since the series premiere.








Man, oh man, how I've missed "Stargate Universe".  Sure, I agree with those that say it's nothing more than "Battlestargate: Voyager" but it's a damn fine show nonetheless.  And it's world's better than "Caprica", it's mid-season replacement.

This week the crew finally meets an alien race which results in a few nice space battles and the return of Dr. Rush.  We don't learn much about the aliens but again, that's part of the charm--if I wasn't already going to keep watching, the mystery surrounding these blue-skinned kidnappers would be enough for me to stick around.

As this is a character drama, there are a lot of stellar performances sprinkled throughout the episode: Ming-Na is excellent as IOA member Camile Wray, a character I'm beginning to like more and more, and Louise Ferreira is fantastic as usual as Colonel Young.

I especially loved the montage at the end of the episode showing the isolation that being stranded alone on the far side of known space would bring.  It's little moments like Colonel Young mending a sock that are so simple yet their impact helps make this such a good show.

Next week: A coup d'├ętat!

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