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Planet of the Apes Prequel Has New Name & Director
Just yesterday I talked about the fact that the Apes prequel was still alive and now the studio has confirmed it.  Fox will start filming on Planet of the Apes: Caesar this July under the direction of Rupert Wyatt.  Interestingly, the movie is now being listed as a prequel to the Tim Burton remake, NOT a complete series reboot.  Sounds like pure shit to me.

Harrison Ford Returns to Sci-Fi in Cowboys & Aliens
Okay, I guess technically Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull counts as sci-fi but I don't even want to think about that.  Jon Favreau confirms via Twitter that Harrison Ford will star in his upcoming comic adaptation Cowboys & Aliens, alongside Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde.  I love Zathura and Iron Man so I'd be interested in anything Favreau directs but I am REALLY interested in this now.  Not only is Favreau directing with Ford, Craig, and Wilde starring, but the script is co-written by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers, TV's "Fringe"), and the film's executive producers are Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard.  This thing is gonna be huge.  I haven't read the comics but I think I'm gonna seek them out now.

First Set Pic From Green Lantern
I don't know dick about Green Lantern--I'll admit that right up front.  I was always a Marvel guy, not a DC guy, so if it's not Batman or Superman then I'm completely in the dark.  Nonetheless, I know Green Lantern's a popular character so there must be something there.  Anyway, the movie (starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan) is currently filming in Louisiana and someone over at managed to snag a set picture.  There's no confirmation since this isn't an official picture, but most people seem to think this must be Abin Sur's spaceship.  I have no idea what that means but maybe it means something to you:

Akiva Goldsman Remaking Toxic Avenger
I don't understand Akiva Goldsman. The guy wrote Batman & Robin, which is probably the worst comic book movie ever made. But then he won an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind and he's written/directed several excellent episodes of "Fringe". Personally, I think the guy's talented and when it came to Batman & Robin, he did what Warner Bros. and Joel Schumacher wanted him to do. At any rate, he's now producing a remake of the Troma classic Toxic Avenger. The film will be a PG-13 family friendly flick in the spirit of Jim Carrey's The Mask. This time Toxie will be "a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times". Yep, Toxic Avenger is yet another eighties movie that I haven't seen so I can't give too much of an opinion but I have to think this is gonna upset a few of the fanboys.

Star Trek Online NOT Coming to a Console Near You
I share this one mainly because it just pisses me off.  From the beginning, Cryptic Studios has said they planned to eventually release console versions of Star Trek Online.  Now they've changed their minds due to "difficulties with the business side of things".  This irritates me because I actually plopped down the $50 for the PC version on the day of release but the quality of the game on my low-end laptop is so poor that I had to stop playing after about a week.  My one saving grace was that I would soon be able to pick up an Xbox 360 version and start fresh.  Now I'm left with a useless game unless I want to throw down $1000 for ANOTHER laptop for the sole purpose of playing STO.  I don't think so.

Bill Condon May Direct Breaking Dawn
The interwebs are buzzing with shock and disbelief today over the news that Bill Condon is close to signing to direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  Look, Condon is a talented writer/director (he wrote the screenplay for Chigaco, wrote/directed Gods and Monsters, Kinsey, and Dreamgirls) but before that he was the director of Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and the writer of low-budget junk like Strange Behavior and Strange Invaders.  Why would he be opposed to Twilight?  It's sort of the best of both worlds: it's heavy drama with a bit of horror mixed in.  Personally, I think this is good news for the franchise.

War of the Gods Gets a Name Change
Tarsem Singh's upcoming Greek mythology movie War of the Gods will now be known as Immortals (presumably to prevent comparison to last week's Clash of the Titans remake).  Also, legendary actor John Hurt has joined the cast, which already includes Mickey Rourke, Frieda Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Luke Evans, Stephen Dorff, and Henry Cavill.  This news comes via Variety.  Singh's first movie, The Cell, was a real stinker but visually, it was really impressive.  I'm optimistic that this one turns out well.

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