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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - - 0 Comments

Star Trek Department of Temporal Investigation Book Coming Soon
Christopher L. Bennett announced on his blog that he's working on a new Star Trek book about the Department of Temporal Investigation from the Deep Space Nine episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations".  This is really cool news; time travel has been featured in every Star Trek series and 3 of the movies (including last year's J.J. Abrams' reboot) so there's a goldmine worth of material waiting to be explored.  This one should be out next year but Pocket Books hasn't announced their 2011 schedule yet.

New Cover For Classic Trek Novel
Speaking of the book schedule and the J.J. Abrams movie, Pocket Books were left with a significant hole in their 2010 schedule after Bad Robot respectfully asked them not to release the "Abrams-verse" sequel books scheduled for this summer.  So Pocket decided to re-release some classic TNG books and they've revealed the new cover art for one of them:

(Comparison photo courtesy of

"Nightshade" is a 1992 novel written by Laurell K. Hamilton, years before she went on to become the acclaimed author of the "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" series.  I like the new art but I already own the book so, uh, I probably won't be buying this.  Sorry, Pocket Books.

Independence Day Sequels Get The Greenlight?
IESB claims that Will Smith has signed to star in two sequels to Independence Day, to be shot back-to-back (ala The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean sequels).  This could all pan out to be b.s. but I really hope not. I love ID4 and always have--none of the epic disaster movies that have come since have had the same...shall we say, "charm"?  Here's hoping they get Jeff Goldblum back, as well.

Best Worst Movie Trailer
Okay, I'll admit it: I've never seen Troll 2.  But after watching this trailer, I've added to the top of my Netflix queue.  One of the stars of Troll 2 has created a documentary about the phenomenon surrounding the movie, which has been repeatedly named as the worst movie ever made.  It looks like a fantastic documentary; check it out:

AMC Greenlights Frank Darabont's "Walking Dead"
Frank Darabont (director of The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist) recently pitched a zombie series to AMC based on the comic book "The Walking Dead" by Robert Kirkman and THEY ACTUALLY PICKED IT UP!  Yep, that's right--the same network that brings you "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" is now going to produce a series about a zombie apocalypse!  I'm really psyched about this one--read more about here.

Screenwriter Apologizes for Battlefield Earth
I thought this was absolutely hilarious; J.D. Shaprio, who wrote the adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth (another movie vying for the title of worst movie ever made) wrote a column in the New York Post last week explaining how he came to write such a cinematic crapfest and offering a sincere apology to anyone that has had to sit through it.  I actually feel sorry for the guy; sounds like he did his best but just got ran over by Travolta and the Scientology cult.

Godzilla Returns to U.S. Shores
Variety reports that Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to Japanese company Toho Co.'s iconic character, Godzilla.  I personally never thought Roland Emmerich's 1998 Godzilla movie was that bad, but then again, I'm something of an Emmerich apologist (except for 10,000 B.C.; there's no excuse for that mess).  Still, I'm excited to see another U.S. Godzilla, especially if it means the destruction will be more rampant, as that seems to be the chief complaint about Emmerich's version.  The plan appears to be to have the giant lizard back on the big screen by 2012 (hey, another Emmerich movie!).

No More Linux for Playstation 3 Owners
In a firmware update scheduled for tomorrow, April 1, Sony will be removing the ability to run your PS3 with a different OS--and no, it's not an April Fool's joke.  This unusual ability was actually already removed when the newer PS3 "slim" model came out but it was still supported on older models.  Sony claims that "security" breaches are to blame for the removal of the feature.  That sounds like a big "duh" to me; could they not have anticipated security problems when they included this feature from the get-go?  Now there are labs and universities across the globe that will find themselves with a pile of useless PS3s (many researchers, including the U.S. military, were using PS3s as a cheap way to build powerful computing clusters).  Of course, if any of those labs is looking for a place to dump those PS3s, they're welcome to give me a call...

DSiWare Transfers = No
In a not unexpected but still shockingly ridiculous move, Nintendo announced that anyone who purchased DSiWare content for their DSi but then upgraded to the newly released DSi XL will have to re-purchase that content.  The widely accepted standard for digital content is that if you paid to download that content once, you own it and have the right to re-download it again (maybe not infinitely but at least more than once).  The fact that Nintendo continues to tie their digital content to the particular console is insulting.  I've had my own issues with this policy, as my Wii was stolen in December, along with all of the Virtual Console and WiiWare games I had downloaded.  My Xbox 360 was stolen as well and once I replaced it, I was able to quickly retrieve my Gamertag and all of my downloads and accomplishments.  How about the Wii?  Nope--that stuff is gone for good.  I hope they change their mind on this before the 3DS and the successor to the Wii arrive on the market.

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